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Convertor DCELL

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Convertor DCELL

Producator: LCM Systems

DCELL In-Cell Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

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DCELL In-Cell Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

Features :

  • Simple mounting using M2 screw
  • Connections via plated through holes
  • Low profile to fit in very small apertures
  • Baud rates to 230k
  • High speed to 500 Readings/Sec
  • ±15KV ESD protected
  • Real mV/V calibration
  • Noise Immunity 5x heavy industrial level
  • Diagnostics LED
  • Remote shunt calibration
  • Very high stability
  • Peak and trough recording
  • Programmable dynamic filter
  • Operating voltage (5.4 - 18Vdc)

The DCELL is a high performance digital signal conditioner for the precision measurement of strain gauge based transducers.

The Micro Miniature PCB is designed to fit inside the majority of sensors, providing a 'digital' load cell with the benefit of very high stability and an RS485 output.

LCM Systems offer the DCELL as a standalone product or built into most of our load cell based products. Including the DCELL into load cell based product enables the building of very high accuracy load cells, using the built in linearization and temperature compensation facilities.

LCM Systems can also supply PC based software packages, specially written to interface with DCELL based load cells and pressure transducers. Please contact our technical department to discuss your requirements.

For applications where it is not possible to fit the DCELL within the transducer, there is an in line housing available (Model ILE).

Specification :


DLCH High Stability

DLCS Industrial Stability

Bridge Excitation 4.5 5 5.25 4.5 5 5.25 VDC
Bridge Impedance 320 350 5000 320 350 5000 Ohms
Sensor Impedance (18v supply) 320 350 5000 320 350 5000 Ohms ∆
Sensor Impedance (12v supply) 120 350 5000 120 350 5000 Ohms ∆
Bridge Sensitivity -3   +3 -3   +3 mV/V
Offset Temperature Stability   1 4   5 10 ppm/°C
Gain Temperature Stability   3 5   30 50 ppm/°C
Offset Stability with time   0.002 0.008   0.0035 0.016 %FR
Gain Stability with time     30     300 ppm of FR/1st year
Non Linearity   0.0005 0.0025   0.0005 0.0025 %FR
Internal Resolution   16 Million     16 Million   Counts/Divisions
Resolution @ 1Hz (Noise Stable)   400,000     100,000   Counts/Divisions
Resolution @ 10Hz (Noise Stable)   120,000     40,000   Counts/Divisions
Resolution @ 100Hz (Noise Stable)   50,000     10,000   Counts/ Divisions
Resolution @ 500Hz (Noise Stable)   18,000     5,000   Counts/ Divisions


Temp Measurement Resolution 0.1 0.1 °C
Temp Measurement Accuracy 1 1 °C
Notes From original offset at any time Stability over 100 seconds Subject to supply voltage (see electrical specifications)


Power Supply Voltage 5.4 12 18 5.4 12 18 Vdc
Power Supply Noise/Ripple     100     100 mVac pk-pk
Supply Current (350R Bridge)   45 60   45 60 mA
Power@10V Supply (350R Bridge)   350     350   mW
Excitation System   4 wire     4 wire    


  Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Units
RS485 Data Rate 2400   230k 2400   230k Baud

CE & Environmental

Storage temperature -40 to +85ºC
Operating temperature -40 to +85°C
Relative humidity 95% maximum non-condensing
Safety/Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC amended by 93/68/EEC
BS EN 61010-1:2001, IEC 1010-1-1990
EMC Directive 89/336/EECBasic Standard
BS EN 61326:1998
EMC Emissions BS EN 55011:1998
EMC Immunity BS EN 61000-42:1995BS EN 61000-4-3:2002
BS EN 61000-4-3:2002
BS EN 61000-4-4:2004
BS EN 61000-4-11:2004


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Convertor DCELL

Convertor DCELL

Convertor DCELL

Producator: LCM Systems

DCELL In-Cell Digital Strain Gauge to Data Converter

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