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Convertor MODRADIO

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Convertor  MODRADIO.

Producator: Laumas.

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A pair of radio modems RS232/RS485 for data or load cell signal transmission via radio frequency. 

  • Frequency 868 MHz with 7 channels RF.
  • Signal range max 200 meters in free air space.
  • Connecton modes: RS232 / RS485 (max. baudrate 38400 bit/s).
  • Power Supply 5 VDC. 230VAC/5VDC external power supply included..
  • Dimensions 126 x 79 x h 42 mm.

MODRADIOIP65 for data transmission:
The system consists of two MODRADIO: the fi rst transmission module is connected to weight indicator/transmitter via RS232/RS485 serial output; the second module receives the data via radio and is connected to a remote display or PC/PLC.

MODRADIOCELIP65 for load cell signal transmission:
 The system consists of a TXRADIO transmitter module (mono-bidirectional) or several TXRADIO modules (multidirectional) and a MODRADIO receiver module. TXRADIO is connected to a weighing system (one or more load cells) and transmits the signal via radio; MODRADIO receives the signal and transmits it to PC/PLC or weight indicator via RS232/RS485.


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Convertor  MODRADIO

Convertor MODRADIO

Convertor  MODRADIO.

Producator: Laumas.

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