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Indicator cantarire 3590EXPNAF03

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Indicator cantarire 3590EXPNAF03.

Producator:Dini Argeo

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  • 25-key alphanumerical waterproof keyboard, with:
    completely customizable layout in the 3590EXPN version; 
    customized layout for vehicle weighing systems in the 3590EXPNAF03 version.
  • Highly efficient red led display with 6 digits 15mm high.
  • Backlit LCD graphic 25x100mm display.
  • Synoptic bar graph with 16 bright LEDs showing the active functions.
  • Easy to clean ABS waterproof IP65 enclosure; resistant to harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Dimensions: 278x125x186 mm.
  • Suitable for use on the table, column or wall.
  • Real time clock and permanent data storage.
  • Fitted alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard.
  • Development area for implementation of the customized application software.
  • Functions available with DINITOOLS utility
    - Configuration, calibration, data entry and print formatting.
    - Recording and filing of all the information on PC.
    - Complete retrieval of the data saved for quick substitution.
    - Instrument calibration with numeric values.
  • Selection of the programme language directly in the set-up.
  • 24-bit A/D converter, 4 channels, up to 3200 conv./sec. and up to 8 signal linearisation points.
  • 4 independent analogue channels for reading of the weight.
  • Connection with up to 16 analogue load cells of 350 Ohm (45 load cells of 1000 Ohm) and with the main digital load cells available on the market.
  • Up to 10.000e OIML or 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d CE-M legal for trade.
  • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions for internal factory use, with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  • 110-240 Vac power supply; built-in rechargeable battery for use in absence of the power mains.
  • Two RS232 serial ports, for connection to printer, radio module, PC or PLC, badge reader or remote scale, with management of the CTS signal.
  • One RS232/RS485 serial port, for connection to printer, PC, PLC, or digital load cells.
  • Fitted PC keyboard input, for barcode/badge readers or external PC keyboard, through cable with mini DIN connector (optional).
  • 4 optoisolated outputs.
  • 2 optoisolated inputs.
  • Infrared ray input, for optional remote control.

  • External Profibus interface (optional), for automation management.

  • Optional Bluetooth connection, for quick wireless programming of the activities and the formulas, through PC or PDA.
  • Attached thermal printer option box.
  • Attached control light option box.
  • Attached memory data printer option box for recording the weighs on the integrated memory.
  • External radio module 868MHz option box.
  • USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth communication.
  • Infrared remote control or 433MHz radiofrequency remote control, with customizable functions of keys.
  • Protection card against electric discharges and disturbances.

Available versions
  Code Description
3590EXPN Indicator with completely customized keyboard and software. ABS IP65 case, 25-key keypad, LED display and backlit graphic LCD display.
3590EXPNAF03 Indicator with AF03 software and customized 25-key keyboard. ABS IP65 case, LED display and backlit graphic LCD display.
Options only available at time of order
  Code Description
KCEM Plates and Welmec form for legal trade use of a scale. NET PRICE. Service available in combination to a Dini Argeo indicator.
SWM WeiMonitor PC program for monitoring and recording weighs in real time, from one or more scales.
KBRDIMP Creation of customized keyboard layout and screen printing of 10 keyboards. NET PRICE
KBRDSTAMP Screen printing of 100 customized keyboard to apply on the weight indicator. NET PRICE
OBTPRP (S1) Thermal printer for mounting attached to indicator, with ABS case. Fitted with connection cable. Power supply from weight indicator.
OBMDP Attached thermal printer and memory data printer. ABS case, connection cable, memory card, power supply from weight indicator.
OBMMC Attached memory data printer. ABS case, connection cable, memory card, power supply from weight indicator.
OBCLTP (S2) ABS 3 way control light (for indicator with relais output). Acustical alarm, connexion cable, power supply from indicator.
OBRF-2 (S2) External 868 MHz radio module, cable l=3m. ABS IP65 protecting box, 3 m cable, power supply from weight indicator. Max. distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels.
OBRFUSB-2 (S2) External 868 MHz radio frequency module, USB cable l=1m. Power supply directly from the USB port. Max. functioning distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels. (OBRFUSB-1 must be combined with another radio module).
OBRF232-2 (S2) External 868 MHz radio module with ABS box and cable l=3m. Fitted with DB9 connector and external power adapter. Max. functioning distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels. (OBRF232 must be combined with another radio module).
DFTL12 Infrared remote control, with 19 keys, for use up to 8 m of distance.
TLR-1 (S2) Radio frequency remote control and receiver. 433MHz, with 6 key, for use up to 50 m of distance, in appropriate environmental conditions.
BLTH (S1) Built-in bluetooth interface. For wireless connection to the portable PC or PDA. Weighing app downloadable from Google Play.
WIFITD (S2) Built-in WI-FI interface. For wireless connection (through access point) to the company computer system.
ETHD (S2) Built-in Ethernet interface. Speed from 10 to 100 Mbps, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, Ethernet Mac protocols.
USBC (S2) Built-in USB port kit for data storing on USB key. Fitted with USB key for PC.
USBMB (S1) Built-in USB interface, for PC (cable gland excluded). Mounting as an alternative of the standard connector RJ.
USBCABMB USB/miniUSB PC cable l=1m (for USBMB option).
PROFI232 External RS232/PROFIBUS interface for DIN bar, connectable to the indicators with Profibus protocol.
RSCBRJ (S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ45 - l=1,5m.
RSCBRJ10M (S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ45 - l=10m.
KBCBCE (S1) PC keyboard or barcode reader cable with MINI DIN connector.
KMB4 Kit of 3 ATEX zener barriers for load cells, in an ABS box. For up to 4 load cells of 350 ohm, for intrinsic protection weighing systems in an hazardous area. Marking of the whole box with three Zener barriers: ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for gas, ATEX II 3(1)D Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T130°C Dc IP65 (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for dusts.
DCATEXMB4 ATEX declaration of the whole for systems with KMB4 barriers. Ex II 2GD IIC T6 T125°C X system, with relative label of whole system, for weight indicator connected to Dini Argeo zener barriers, connected to mechanical structure with ATEX load cells (each cell must be certified with CCATEX option). ATEX CONFORMITY DECLARATIONS will be supplied in English.
3590EEP (S2) Built-in protection card against electric discharges according to IEC 1000-4-5/D (IEC 801-5/D).
PRNSERV Custom-made ticket (up to 4 layouts). NET price.
APRNSERV Custom-made label (up to 4 layouts). NET price.
TECSUP Technical assistance by telephone. NET hourly price.
  Code Description
RSCBUSBPG (S1) USB PC/RS232 converter cable, l=1,5m, with PG9. USB/RJ45 connector. For the connection to weight indicators with IP65 and IP68 protection system.
RSCBUSB-1 (S1) USB PC/RS232 converter cable, l=1,5m. USB/RJ45 connector.
CVRXP Kit of 10 moulded protective covers in transparent plastic. For indicator DFWXP or 3590EXP with ABS case.
STFI-1 Stainless steel fixing bracket. For mounting the weight indicator on wall.
STFR Stainless steel fixing bracket with adjustable inclination. For mounting the weight indicator on wall.
CSP38I-1 Stainless steel column 450x450mm, h=917mm, Ø 38mm. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
TM295 (S2) Dot matrix impact printer.
LX300PRO (S2) Dot matrix impact printer.
LP542S (S2) Direct termal labeller.
SMTPLUSPRO (S2) Thermal transfer or direct termal labeller. Peel-off kit in option.
SCCDR2 Bar code scanner (it needs a mini DIN cable). Compatible with UPC/EAN, Code 39, 39 Full ASCII, 128 and others. Reading depth: 3-6 cm (resolution 0.076 mm), 3-25 cm (resolution 0.3 mm).
PCKBRD QWERTY PC keyboard (it needs a mini DIN cable).
UKPLUG Power adapter from Schuko to BS1363.
TECMAN Printed technical manual. NET PRICE. (Free, if downloaded from the web).
UMAN Printed user manual. NET PRICE. (Free, if downloaded from the web and available in the CD, fitted with the product).


25-cheie de tastatură impermeabil alfanumerice, cu:
- Aspect complet personalizabil în versiunea 3590EXPN;
- Aspect personalizate pentru sistemele de vehicule cu o greutate în versiunea 3590EXPNAF03.
Extrem de eficient roșu led cu 6 cifre 15mm înalt.
Backlit display LCD 25x100mm grafic.
Grafic bară sinoptic cu LED-uri luminoase de 16 arată funcțiile activi.
Ușor de curățat Carcasă ABS etanșă IP65; rezistent la medii dure si corozive.
Dimensiuni: 278x125x186 mm.
Potrivit pentru utilizarea pe masa, coloana sau perete.
Ceas de timp real și stocarea permanentă a datelor.
Memorie alibi montate, integrat pe placa de bază.
Zona de Dezvoltare pentru punerea în aplicare a software-ului personalizat de aplicare.
Funcții disponibile cu DINITOOLS utilitate
- Configurare, calibrare, introducere de date și formatare tipărire.
- Înregistrarea și depunerea tuturor informațiilor de pe PC.
- Recuperare completă a datelor salvate de înlocuire rapidă.
- Calibrare Instrument cu valori numerice.
Selectarea limbii programului direct în set-up.
24-bit A / D convertor, 4 canale, pana la 3200 conv. / Sec. și până la 8 puncte de liniarizare a semnalului.
4 canale analogice independente de citire a greutății.
Legătură cu celule de sarcină de până la 16 analogice de 350 Ohm (45 celule de sarcină de 1000 Ohm) și cu principalele celule de sarcină digitale disponibile pe piață.
Până la 10.000e OIML sau 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 μV / d CE-M juridic pentru comerț.
Până la 1.000.000 diviziuni afișabile pentru uz intern, cu rezoluție de până la 3.000.000 puncte internă.
110-240 Vac alimentare; built-in baterie reîncărcabilă pentru utilizare în absența priză.


Două porturi seriale RS232, pentru conectare la imprimantă, modul radio, PC sau PLC, cititor insigna sau scară de la distanță, cu management a semnalului CTS.
Un port serial RS232 / RS485, pentru conectare la imprimantă, PC, PLC, sau celule de sarcină digitale.
Montate intrare tastatura PC, pentru cititorii de coduri de bare / badge sau tastatura PC extern, prin cablu cu conector DIN mini (optional).
4 ieșiri optoizolate.
2 intrări optoizolate.
Intrare ray infraroșu, pentru telecomanda opțională.

Interfață externă Profibus (opțional), pentru gestionarea de automatizare.

Conexiune Bluetooth opțional, pentru programarea wireless rapidă a activităților și formulele, prin PC sau PDA.

Opțiunile disponibile numai la momentul COMANDA

Atașat Cutie opțională imprimantă termică.
Controlul atașat cutie opțiune de lumină.
Memoria cutie opțiune a imprimantei de date atașată pentru înregistrarea de cântărire în memoria integrată.
Modul radio extern cutie opțiune 868MHz.
USB / Ethernet / comunicare Wi-Fi / Bluetooth.
De control de la distanță cu infraroșu control de la distanță sau de 433MHz radiofrecventa, cu funcții personalizabile de chei.
Carte de protecție împotriva descărcărilor electrice și perturbări.


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Indicator cantarire 3590EXPNAF03

Indicator cantarire 3590EXPNAF03

Indicator cantarire 3590EXPNAF03.

Producator:Dini Argeo

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