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Indicator si controler cu montare pe perete SMW

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Indicator si controler cu montare pe perete SMW

Producator: LCM Systems

SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator and Controller

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SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator and Controller

Features :

  • Large 8 Digit LCD Display
  • Variable gain load cell sensitivity from 0.5 to 200mV/V
  • Simple one pass Auto Calibration
  • Gross, Net, Tare and Print function keys
  • 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs (isolated)
  • IP65 wall mounting case
  • 10V @ 170mA excitation to drive up to 6 x 350 ohm load cells
  • High accuracy & Stability
  • Wide range of power supplies

The SMW surface mounted strain gauge display is housed in a light grey ABS case, sealed to IP65 with external dimensions of 200 x 120 x 75mm.

The unit comprises an 8 digit 12.7mm LCD display, on an intelligent base unit with user configurable 4-20mA and 0-10volt analogue outputs.

'Plug-in' module positions are available for power supply, relay and communications options.

The relay module provides for two set points, together with In Flight compensation. Relays can be inverted and latched, all of these facilities being set in engineering terms. Both relay and analogue outputs have a high level of isolation.

 A facility is available to alter the default display for Gross or Net values.

The optional communications provide for RS232 and multi drop RS485 connections to a PC, PLC or mainframe. This allows for the input variable to be taken and the set up parameters changed.

Communications protocol options include ASCII, MODBUS RTU and MANTRABUS.

The RS232 port is also available for a Time/Date or  Data only printer to be connected, to log all the desired activities.
Baud speeds of 300 to 19200 are programmable.

Power supplies options of 115 or 230VAC and 9 to 32VDC are available.

Input Details

Strain Gauge Input The input is suitable for any full wheatstone bridge sensor. A transducer excitation voltage of 9.6 volts @ 160mA
Compensation ±sense wires for cable/safety barrier losses down to 3V excitation.
Load cell sensitivity is preset via DIL switches to 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5,3.5, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 mV/V.
Initial offset ≤± 0.15mV (15uV/V) which is cancelled during auto calibration.
Zero Temperature Coefficient ≤0.002%FSO/ºC typical with 2.5 mV/V sensitivity selected
Span Temperature Coefficient ≤0.005%reading/ºC
Excitation 9.6V DC nominal, 170mA maximum
Repeatability ≤0.01% reading over 90 days
Display Update Rate Selectable between 0.1 and 25.5 seconds
Display Average Set by programmer keypad, up to 64 standard up dates
Display resolution 1:32,000

Analogue Outputs

Drive 4-20mA up to 1Kohm and 0-10 volts up to 2mA.
Accuracy 4-20mA ±0.15% of range (typically). 0-10V ±2% before calibration.
Resolution 13 bit (Settling time 0.25 secs to 1% of step change)
Isolation ±130V RMS or DC max to analogue input or any other port.


A simple input Auto Calibration is achieved by entering the values of the lowest and highest weights used. Analogue output is pre calibrated and can be ranged over any part of the displayed range. Both input and output are calibrated via the front panel keypad. Gross, Net and Tare are activated by front panel function keys. Peak Hold is actioned by volt free contacts.

‘Plug in’ Output options include

Relay Set Points Programmed in engineering units, with In Flight compensation and Hysterisis Settings available for control or alarm purposes.
Communications To read any value, change set points or any other parameter via:RS232/RS485 (LC3)
Printers Activated by a function key or contact will allow print, the current live value, with header message, engineering units, auto incrementing batch number and real time if required
Options 9-32V DC power supply (LS3)display module display back lighting
rail mounting for the Motherboard Analogue Output Module
High Speed Strain Gauge input.

Data Retention/Protection

Retention 10 years for set up values, minimum of 100,000 write cycle
Protection of data & function Watchdog timer giving repeat auto resets. Impending power detection and hold off. Keypad security and time out.

CE & Environmental

Storage temperature -20 to +70ºC
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Relative humidity 95% maximum non condensing
Safety/Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

Options Available

2 set points Output through 5A, 230V AC SPCO relays, with latching option
Communications Port For data transfer or print via :-
RS485 Enabling up to 32 units to be multi dropped.
RS232 For 1 to 1 connection and standard printer drive.
Printer Operation By front panel function key.
Baud Rates 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (19200 MANTRABUS only) 9600 for MODBUS
Back Lighting For the LCD display
DIN Rail Mounting For the CPU, PSU and output option modules
DC Powering 9-32V DC
Remote Mounting Display module, for panel mounting.


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Indicator si controler cu montare pe perete SMW

Indicator si controler cu montare pe perete SMW

Indicator si controler cu montare pe perete SMW

Producator: LCM Systems

SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator and Controller

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