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Indicator portabil de mana cu baterie TR200

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Indicatoar portabil de mana cu baterie TR200

Producator: LCM Systems

TR200 Battery Powered Strain Gauge Handheld Indicator

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TR200 Battery Powered Strain Gauge Handheld Indicator

Features :

  • Powered by internal battery.
  • Handheld and portable.
  • Environmentally sealed to IP65.
  • 4½ digit LCD display, with battery low warning indication.
  • Flush mounted push buttons
  • Microprocessor based, allowing single pass calibration facility.
  • Wide range of options available, including; Intelligent Input, Serial Output, Analogue Outputs, Trips and Data Logging

The TR200 indicator is a completely portable, 4½ digit precision instrument that is ideally suited for use in the harshest of environments or in the laboratory. It is designed to accept the signal from any strain gauge based sensor, with an output sensitivity of up to ±60mV/V.

The menu structure facilitates Auto Calibration, Decimal Point Position setting, Fixed Zero (count-by) setting and Digital Filtering rate. Auto-Zero and Peak/Valley Hold functions are available on the front panel, with single key press operation.

The menu options offer the engineer the ability to tailor the instrument to an application. Once set, all the menu keys can be disabled to provide the user with the simplest of indicators ideally matched to their requirements. The TR200 is able to store the parameters for up to 10 sensors, making it ideal for multi-sensor monitoring; allowing switching from one sensor to another, without the need of any calibration adjustment.

System expansions are available to enhance the TR200 capabilities. These include; RS232 output for printing or data log downloading, Intelligent sensor recognition, allowing automatic recall of a sensors parameters when it is plugged in to the TR200.  Additional options include; Dual Trip outputs, Voltage and Current outputs and Data Logging.

The TR200 is supplied complete with a universal 110/230vac battery charger and carry case.


Input type Strain Gauge Full Bridge Sensors
Input range ±0.6mV/V to ±7.5mV/V for full scale (±19999)
Accuracy ±2 digits (±0.01% full scale)
Thermal drift < 100 ppm/°C
Excitation Voltage 5Vdc (±1%), 59mA maximum
Minimum bridge resistance 85Ω (4off 350Ω sensors in parallel)
Internal battery 6V rechargeable sealed battery
Battery life 40 hours, with 350Ω sensor
Update rate 200mS Peak/Valley Hold capture rate is the same as the display


Display Type 4½ digit LCD display, 10mm high digits
Display Resolution ±1 digit
Annunciators Lo Battery warning within LCD display
  annunciation for Peak Hold indication
Identification Electronic serial number, stored for customer support purposes

Control variables

Front panel user keys Flush Mounting Keys for-ON Switches TR200 power on
OFF Switches TR200 power off
ZERO Zero’s display (±100% range)
CALIBRATE Shunts 100kΩ resistor across bridge (for cal check)
MENU, SELECT, INCREMENT & ACCEPT keys are used to initially set up the TR200 and can be locked to prevent tampering.
Least Significant Digit (count by 1, 5 or 10)
parameters Digital Filtering (updates 0.2, 0.8, 1.6 & 3.6 sec)Settable Zero Tracking Enable (active, tracks ±3 LSD)
Decimal Point Position
Front Panel Key Locking


Electrical connection 5 pin Binder socket (mating plug supplied)
Weight 600 grams
Legends Self adhesive labels for engineering unit identification


Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Environmental Rating IP65 (when mating half connected)
Enclosure Type ABS, robust yellow case, supplied in separate transit carry case


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Indicator portabil de mana cu baterie TR200

Indicator portabil de mana cu baterie TR200

Indicatoar portabil de mana cu baterie TR200

Producator: LCM Systems

TR200 Battery Powered Strain Gauge Handheld Indicator

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